Whenever new Windows updates available, Windows 10 is mix to tải về & install automatically. And you only need to restart your PC lớn apply them. But sometimes you may get stuchồng with an update configuration issue with an error on your screen saying ”Failure configuring Windows updates, Reverting changes, Do not turn off your computer”. The major cause of this problem could be a buggy update, again driver compatibility or corrupted system files also cause Windows update failure.If you are looking for solutions, here how you can fix the Failure configuring Windows updates, reverting changes error message you get on your Windows 10 or Windows 7 operating system
Failure configuring windows updatesRun Windows Update TroubleshooterClear Windows update componentsInstall Windows Update in Clean Boot StateRun DISM and SFC utilityRestore Your Windows System

Failure configuring windows updates

If you are stuông chồng on configuring windows updates, give few more minutes may it’s processing on the backkết thúc. If you found it’s over one hour still it’s stuông xã then you need to force restart your computer.Now Remove sầu all external devices such as a printer, scanner or external HDD and kiểm tra for updates again & restart your PC khổng lồ apply them.Pro Tip: If you found every time windows start with Failure configuring Windows updates, Reverting changes in such cause we recommend boot windows 10 safe mode và apply solutions listed below.

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Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

The error failure configuring Windows updates loop may be caused by a buggy Windows update. Thus, run Windows Update Troubleshooter It will quickly scan your computer for any problems prevent Windows update lớn install và configure and fix it efficiently.mở cửa Windows SettingsCliông chồng on the Update và Security optionOn the left panel of the window, locate và clichồng on the Troubleshoot optionClichồng on the Windows update option and then cliông chồng on Run the troubleshooter button to start troubleshootingDuring the diagnose process this will check if any windows update pending for installation, kiểm tra windows update and its related services running or clear the windows update cabịt if required.Wait for the process lớn complete, then cliông chồng on Finish lớn continue, Now cthua trận all open applications & then restart your computer
 If you’re running Windows 7, you can find the Update troubleshooter on the Control Panel page. So, here are the steps khổng lồ follow:Launch Control Panel, type ‘troubleshoot’ in the search bar và select Troubleshooting.In the left-hvà pane, select View All và locate the Update troubleshooterAfter your computer restarts, try updating your computer again. If this solution solves the issue, then you will have sầu no problem updating your Windows.

Clear Windows update components

There are chances the windows update cađậy might be corrupted and prevent windows updates install and configure on your computer. Let’s clear the Windows update cabịt & force windows update to lớn download fresh updates files from the Microsoft hệ thống.Press Windows + R on keyboard type services.msc & clichồng okThis will open windows services console,Here scroll down and locate Background Intelligent Service, right-cliông chồng on it và select stop,Again locate Windows Update service, right-clichồng on it và select stop,Now open windows explorer using keyboard shortcut Windows + E,Then navigate to C: > Windows > Software Distribution > DownloadsHere delete all files & folders inside the tải về thư mục, to lớn vày this use ctrl + A keyboard shortcut to lớn select all and hit the del key to delete them,
Now again open the windows services console & start the windows update and Background Intelligent Service. Finally, check for updates to tải về fresh windows update files from Microsoft hệ thống & restart your PC to lớn apply them.

Install Windows Update in Clean Boot State

Still, need help? start windows in clean boot state then kiểm tra for and install windows updates that might help if Some service or functionality of Windows causing failure configuring Windows updates reverting changes as well.Press Windows + R, type msconfig and clichồng ok,In the popup window, go lớn the General tab và select the Selective startup.After that, uncheck the Load startup items khổng lồ continue.Go to lớn the Services tab & kiểm tra the option Hide all Microsoft services. Then click Disable all. Finally, click OK lớn continue.
After that, your computer will restart in a clean boot state. Then you can update Windows again và check whether the issue is solved.

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Run DISM and SFC utility

Again there is chances if Windows system files get corrupted or missing you might experience different problems include failure windows update installation. Run the DISM restore health comm& with system tệp tin checker utility that helps repair system image và restore missing system files with correct one.mở cửa comm& prompt as administratortype command DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth và hit enter key to lớn execute the same. wait for 100% complete the scanning process khổng lồ complete.Next run command sfc /scannow and hit enter key this will scan the system for corrupted missing files if found any the SFC utility restore them automatically.Once the scanning process completes restart your PC & again check for updates. hope that helps.

Restore Your Windows System

If nothing else works, then restoring your Windows computer help get rid of this problem. And that revert windows 10 bachồng to the date when it had no update errors.Search for recovery & select it from tìm kiếm results,Now cliông xã open system restore the liên kết lớn initiate the processSelect a previous restore point date and Follow the on-screen instructionsYour computer will automatically restart at the end of the process & will be restored to the date you have sầu chosen as the restore pointTry updating your Windows system now. This should definitely solve your “Failure Configuring Windows Update Reverting Changes” error.Also read:Fix Windows Update Problems using official Windows Update Troubleshooter8 Tips khổng lồ set up và start your New Windows 10 Laptop in the right wayThis copy of windows is not genuine build 7600 permanent fix (Windows 7)Solved: Microsoft Store install button Greyed out Windows 10Solved: We couldn’t connect to the update service windows 10