Not a tín đồ of Select & Mask? This tutorial shows you where to lớn find the Refine Edge commvà in the lachạy thử versions of Photoshop, including Photocửa hàng CC 2018.

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Baông xã in Photocửa hàng CS3, Adobe introduced a promising new feature known as Refine Edge, designed to lớn improve sầu upon our initial selections. In Photosiêu thị CS5, Adobe updated Refine Edge with new tools và features. Suddenly, complex selections lượt thích hair và fur were now as easy as dragging a brush, và Refine Edge became the standard tool for removing a subject from its background. Refine Edge worked great, và everyone was happy.

But in Photoshop CC 2015.5, Adobe replaced Refine Edge with Select và Mask, a new all-in-one workspace for both making and refining selections. Adobe claimed that Select and Mask was better than Refine Edge, but not everyone agreed. Many Photocửa hàng users argued that Select và Mask was in fact worse, as they were unable lớn achieve sầu the same results as before. To their credit, Adobe listened, and continued work on the Select & Mask engine. An enhanced version of Select and Mask was released with Photocửa hàng CC 2017, và the latest update is included with CC 2018.

But many Photosiêu thị users remain upset that Refine Edge was taken from them, still convinced that Refine Edge worked better. So, Adobe now admits khổng lồ a little secret. As it turns out, Refine Edge was never actually removed from Photocửa hàng. Adobe simply removed any obvious way khổng lồ access it. If you"re a die hard Refine Edge tín đồ, good news! Refine Edge is still available, even in the lakiểm tra version of Photosiêu thị CC. Here"s how lớn find it!

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How To Access Refine Edge In Photoshop CC 2018

Step 1: Make An Initial Selection

To access Refine Edge in the lachạy thử versions of Photocửa hàng CC, we need to remember that, unlike the Select và Mask workspace, Refine Edge does not include a way for us to create our initial selection. It can refine the selection, but it can"t create one.

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So, we first need khổng lồ make an initial selection using one of Photoshop"s selection tools. Here, I"ve sầu used the Color Range commvà lớn make an initial selection of the woman and her hair (phokhổng lồ from Adobe Stock):


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And there we have it! That"s how to lớn bring baông chồng the Refine Edge commvà in Photoshop CC 2018! And speaking of CC 2018, be sure to kiểm tra out our step-by-step guide lớn learning the new Curvature Pen Tool, and how to upscale your images in CC 2018 with amazing results! Or visit our Photosiêu thị Basics section for more tutorials!