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The Age Of Mythology series has always been a reassuringly dependable RTS, the strategy equivalent of a cup of cocoa and a pair of fluffy slippers. However, Ensemble wasn"t nội dung to rest on its well-established laurels with Age Of Mythology, & instead dug deep inkhổng lồ its RTS pockets to bnng us a beautiful, finely tuned game with a host of weird and wonderful creatures pulled straight from the pages of a book on mythology.

The Titans expansion pack focuses mainly on a new civilisation, the Atlanteans, led by Kastor, the son of Arkantos, the nhân vật from the original game. In the meaty single-player campaign, the tale of the Atlanteans is spread over 12 missions, all of which are neatly designed và more than a match for anything in the original game.

New Toys On The Block

Greek Chic

The Atlanteans themselves are lượt thích a more interesting version of the Greeks, who personally I"ve sầu always found to lớn be quite dull compared khổng lồ the showy and frantic Egyptians và the Norse. They come complete with their own phối of major Tichảy gods; Kronos, Oranos and Gaia, plus nine minor gods.

The various Titung god powers & the Atlantean features add some very interesting strategic twists khổng lồ the game. For instance, all their buildings come replete with a time shift power, which allows them khổng lồ be moved lớn different parts of the maps. The vortex god power literally sucks all your military units up và drops them in one place. The Atlanteans also curry favour with their chosen gods by taking over town centres rather than praying at temples, building relics or fighting, making them much more of a territory conscious side to play.

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Unfortunately there are very few changes to the existing sides, but the key addition is a giant creature for each side -monstrous beings that can cause enormous amounts of damage. When you"ve managed to lớn create one of these Titans they will roam about the map tearing things up và fighting each other lượt thích a Japanese quái dị movie.

Overall this is a great value expansion paông xã. The singleplayer chiến dịch is very satisfying, the new race has some very interesting potential for online games and the new Titans are superb fun, if not particularly subtle. With typical Ensemble aplomb, Age Of Mythology has just received a titanic new lease of life.