This post would introduce the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool from its basic information lớn download, & application. Based on that, MiniTool shares an alternative sầu way to install Windows on the PC.

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You have two options while downloading Windows from Microsoft Store. You can either tải về a collection of compressed files or download an ISO file. The ISO file includes all the Windows installation files that are combined into a single uncompressed file.

After downloading an ISO tệp tin, you can create a bootable file from a DVD or USB drive sầu, copy the ISO file into lớn your drive sầu, and then run the Windows USB/DVD Download tool. What is Windows USB/DVD Download Tool exactly? The following section will explain it to lớn you.


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What Is Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

Windows USB/DVD Download Tool is a native, không tính tiền, and simple tool for creating Windows DVDs or USB flash drives. It can create a copy of Windows 7, Vista, or XPhường. ISO tệp tin on a USB flash drive sầu or a DVD.

To create a bootable DVD or USB, you have sầu lớn download the ISO file và run the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool. Besides, you need lớn copy the ISO tệp tin to a truyền thông media lượt thích USBs or DVDs. After that, you can directly install Windows 7 or Windows 8 from the USB flash drive or DVD.

Tip: 1.The copy of the ISO file created by Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool is bootable, which allows you to install Windows without running an existing operating system on the PC first. If you have configured the USB drive as the first boot in BIOS, you can directly run the Windows installation once you turned on the PC. 2. You can’t install Windows from the ISO file directly unless you copy it to lớn a USB flash drive or a DVD via the Windows 10 USB/DVD Download Tool.

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Windows USB/DVD Download Tool Download

To perform a Windows USB/DVD Download Tool download, you need to lớn get the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher. For that, you can cliông chồng here khổng lồ get it. Double-cliông xã on its thiết lập tệp tin và follow the on-screen instruction to download the required files. After that, install the program. You will receive the following window after the installation ends. Click Close to lớn exit.


Now, follow the offered steps to tải về Windows USB downloader tool.

Step 1: Clichồng here to tải về Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

Tip: Though it reads “Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool”, it works properly on Windows 10.

Step 2: Double-clichồng on the downloaded setup tệp tin and click Next.


Step 3: Cliông xã the Install button in the next window to begin the installation.


Step 4: After you receive sầu the following window, cliông chồng Finish khổng lồ end the process.



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How lớn Use Windows USB/DVD Download Tool lớn Install Windows

With an installation truyền thông, you can install a new copy of Windows, persize a clean installation, or reinstall Windows.

Note: Make a backup for your important data before installing or reinstalling Windows on your computer.

Part 1: Preparation

To obtain an installation truyền thông, you need khổng lồ get the items below.

A computer with a reliable và stable Internet connection. The specific tải về time varies according to lớn your Internet condition.A USB flash drive or DVD. You should prepare an empty DVD (và DVD burner) or USB flash drive with a capađô thị of 8GB or more. If you are told that the disc image file is too large while burning a DVD from an ISO tệp tin, you should utilize dual-layer DVD media instead.

Now, tải về a system version from Microsoft according to your demvà và then move sầu to the next part to create installation truyền thông. Here, we take Windows 10 as an example.

Tip: If you want to get Windows 7, cliông xã here. For Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, cliông xã the respective buttons.

To create Windows 10 installation truyền thông, you can clichồng Download tool now on its official trang web to lớn get the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool.


Part 2: Get Windows Installation Media

After downloading the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, double-cliông chồng on its thiết lập file & go through the following steps.

Step 1: Learn about the Microsoft Media Creation Tool license terms & cliông chồng Accept.


Step 2: In the next window, choose Create installation media (USB flash drive sầu, DVD or ISO file) for another PC and click Next.


Step 3: Choose language, architecture, và edition based on your demands and clichồng Next.

Step 4: Select ISO file in the Choose which truyền thông khổng lồ use window và clichồng Next.


Step 5: Wait for the finish of the process. As the process may take you some time, you need to wait patiently. After it ends, you will get the following window. Choose the first option and clichồng Finish.

Tip: If you prepare a DVD, you should select mở cửa DVD opener.


Step 6: Then you will be prompted with a window. In this window, choose a position for the created installation truyền thông media. For example, you can select Desktop in the left pane & mix a filename in the corresponding place. Finally, cliông chồng Save lớn execute the operation.


Part 3: Create a Bootable USB Device via Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

Connect a USB flash drive sầu to lớn your PC and then begin the process.

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Warning: As the USB flash drive would be erased during the copy process, you should ensure that it doesn’t contain any important data. If it has, baông xã up the data with a USB image tool in advance.

Step 1: Run Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool from your disk và then clichồng Browse in the pop-up window.


Step 2: In the Open window, choose your Windows iso file & click Open.


Step 3: After backing to lớn the previous window, click Next khổng lồ continue.

Step 4: Select USB device. If you use DVD, then piông chồng DVD.


Step 5: Choose your USB device from the drop-down menu và clichồng Begin copying.


Step 6: Clichồng Erase USB Device lớn confirm the operation.


Step 7: You can view the progress of creating bootable USB device. Once the process ends, click the X inhỏ at the upper right corner of the window.


Part 4: Install Windows

Plug the bootable USB drive sầu into your computer và turn on the device. During the startup process, keep pressing a BIOS key to enter BIOS. Then set the USB as the first boot and follow the given steps khổng lồ install Windows.

Note: You won’t be able to lớn use your PC while installing Windows. Besides, save và cthua thảm your files before you start the operation.

Step 1: Double-cliông xã on the Setup tệp tin in the USB drive sầu lớn run it.

Step 2: Cliông chồng Next in the prompted window.


Step 3: Click Accept in the Applicable notices & liencese terms window lớn continue.


Step 4: Cliông chồng Keep personal files only or Nothing & then click Next.


Step 5: Then the program will kiểm tra for updates automatically. After it finishes, cliông chồng Next.


Step 6: Cliông chồng Install to begin the installation.


Step 7: Then you can view the installation progress. You just need to wait and follow the on-screen instruction to lớn complete the process.


Get Windows with the Windows Migration Tool

Though you can install Windows with the bootable USB device created by the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, the process is time-consuming và complicated. Read here, you may wonder if there are any available methods khổng lồ get Windows quickly.

The answer is absolutely “Yes”. For example, you can obtain Windows within a few clicks with a Windows migration tool. MiniTool Partition Wizard is such a tool. The Migrate OS khổng lồ SSD/HD Wizard feature of this program enables you lớn get Windows easily.

Certainly, the Copy Disk feature also helps you bởi that operation. Besides, MiniTool Partition Wizard also allows you khổng lồ convert MBR to GPT, rebuild MBR, recover missing data, perkhung disk benchmark, etc.

To do that, you need to find a person who runs Windows 10 & tải về và install MiniTool Partition Wizard on his PC.

Free Download

Step 1: Connect the hard drive of the computer that you want khổng lồ install Windows to the computer running Windows 10.

Step 2: Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard to lớn access its main interface.

Step 3: Cliông xã on the Migrate OS lớn SSD/HD Wizard option in the action panel.


Step 4: Choose a way khổng lồ migrate OS in the next window. Here, you need to lớn choose the Option B: I would lượt thích to lớn move my operating system to another hard disk. And keep the original disk in my computer. Then clichồng Next khổng lồ move sầu forward.


Step 5: Choose the connected disk as the destination drive và cliông xã Next. If you confirm that the connected drive sầu doesn’t have sầu important data, click Yes lớn go on. On the contrary, you should back up the data & then clichồng Yes.


Step 6: Choose copy options & configure the location & size of the selected partition based on your demands. For example, if the destination disk is SSD, it is recommended khổng lồ piông xã the Align partitions to 1 MB option. Then, cliông chồng Next.


Step 7: Cliông xã the FinishApply buttons to lớn save sầu & exexinh tươi the operation.


What is Windows USB/DVD Download Tool? How lớn use it khổng lồ install Windows? This post discusses these questions & explores the answers lớn you. Moreover, it offers you an alternate way to lớn install Windows. Clichồng to lớn tweet

Bottom Line

What is Windows USB/DVD Download Tool and how to tải về và use it to lớn install Windows? After reading the post, you may have sầu learned the answers. If you want to install Windows quickly, you can pichồng a Windows migration tool to lớn vị that.

If you have any questions on Windows USB downloader tool, please write them down in the comment area for discussing. For any doubts or issues while using MiniTool software, directly send us an tin nhắn via .



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